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15-Aug-2020 14:36

Instead, assume if you’ve been talking to a woman for a minimum of 15-30 minutes (at a bar or on a date), it’s safe to try leading into more enticing conversation.

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Sometimes, you will be met with hesitation and surprise when asking a woman a more intimate question.

You do that by responding with confidence, positivity, and even playfulness. I’d like to think I’m a lot better now.” If you handle her hesitance well, she will usually open up about her sexuality.

Here are 3 ways make a woman feel more comfortable if she’s hesitating to answer a sexual question. If you tried one of the above examples and she’s still uncomfortable answering your question, then I wouldn’t broach the subject further during this interaction.

In the above story, I finally embraced my sexuality and made the topic of sex out to be fun and no big deal.

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Because of that, the women felt more comfortable and confident about embracing their own sexuality.You need to bring your conversations toward more intimate topics as an interaction progresses.