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05-Oct-2020 20:34

The decision comes at a time when issues of sexual and domestic violence involving college athletes are raising debate and sparking scandal across the country.

In 2015, the Southeastern Conference initiated a ban on member institutions accepting transfers athletes with a history of “serious misconduct” — sexual assault, domestic assault or other forms of sexual violence.

Thus far, the Big Ten has elected to leave such decisions up to individual institutions, and Glass has stayed on the front foot in the area.

At various points in 20 — and pointing to ongoing issues at other institutions, including Baylor — he distributed detailed memorandums and instructions to his entire department spelling out his expectations in any such situation.

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In addition, prospective student-athletes should be specifically asked about any previous or potential arrests, convictions, protective orders, probations, suspensions, expulsions, or other discipline involving sexual violence or any other matter.Also consistent with that policy, the sport administrator for the pertinent sport must approve the recruitment of any prospective student-athlete with any serious and/or repetitive criminal, school discipline, or other misconduct issues.Relief from this mandatory disqualification policy may only be granted by a panel consisting of the University Title IX Coordinator, University General Counsel, and University Faculty Athletics Representative after a review by it of all the pertinent facts available and a finding of compelling exceptional circumstances.Our dating site has members from all over Indiana, including Birdseye.

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Our site is the only exclusive crossdressing only dating site and want you to feel welcome and a part of something truly special.In addition to the mandatory disqualification of prospective student-athletes with records of sexual violence as set forth in this policy, prospective student-athletes may and should be disqualified for other demonstrated unacceptable misconduct.