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Huffman, Frederikson, Garber, Ikenberry, Dingledine, Chappelear, and Hanson are the freshman dorms in this area, and White Hall is the only upperclassmen hall in the Village.

While they are hall style, they are said to be very cozy since there are only seven rooms per floor.

These dorms are definitely the new constructions on campus.

Potomac and Chesapeake are both freshman dorms while Shenandoah is an upperclassmen and freshman dorm (these freshmen are usually in the Honors College).

Since Gibbons Hall has been torn down, food is a bit of a stretch from these dorms.

The temporary Chick-fil-a will be behind Moody Hall, so that will be the closest food source (but they only take Dining Dollars). If your major is on the Quad or you have a bunch of classes there, you are in luck since Bluestone dorms are right off of the Quad (if you have a bunch of classes on East Campus, I’m so sorry).You have easy access to ECL and the ISAT computer labs for work you have to do, and all of these dorms have AC.