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“ “I’m sort of in a single mode right now,” said the sandy-haired, 6-foot-4-inch Mr. “I tend to go to parties and out carousing with friends. “The only difference is, I think, we have less time together at the end of the day to talk about our magazine, to talk about our baby, than we used to.” Another pair toiling at the sexual grindstone–though they’ve never dated–are Daniel Gluck and Alison Maddex, the future proprietors of the Museum of Sex. Gluck, a slightly built, married 31-year-old with a B. “There will be these wonderful moments of cleavage ,” said one architect on Mo Sex’s promotional CD-ROM (soundtrack by Bach).

I’m definitely enjoying being single, suffice to say, after, uh …” He gestured at Ms. “It’s very therapeutic.” Asked later about working with her ex, Ms. “We want this to be a temple to the role of sexuality, not a funhouse,” said Mr.

Griscom was trying to explain what sex is like in 1999.

“Just as in your late teens, early 20’s, when you first have sex, you’re kind of like, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m having sex,’ I think that’s how people were in the late 60’s, early 70’s,” he said, his eyes fluttering delicately behind wire-rimmed Armani eyeglasses.

Ruth Westheimer) at a party for The Century of Sex: Playboy’s History of the Sexual Revolution, 1900-1999 .


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’ and I think now there’s definitely a more jaded attitude, like, ‘Well, of course we can have sex.’ Sex was a cause, a societywide political event.

The raunchy HBO series Sex and the City , based on a column by Candace Bushnell in this newspaper, has become appointment television for scores of Manhattanites.

On the season premiere of Fox’s Ally Mc Beal , Calista Flockhart simulated cheesy slo-mo sex in a carwash and, in the next episode, obliged the Nielsen audience with the now-obligatory lesbian smooch scene.

It’s like someone’s gotta break the ground, and then someone’s got to stop breaking the ground, you know? Vanity Fair magazine is preparing a glossy story about Nerve , a So Ho-based on-line publication devoted to “literate smut,” headed by 32-year-old Rufus Griscom, who recently shared in his editor’s letter that he enjoys barging in on girlfriends during their bowel movements.


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Anka Radakovich, the former Details sex columnist who helped invent the modern sex column, then watched that column peter out after she had chewed the very life out of sex, has resurrected herself in Maxim , Talk and Marie Claire . She said she has two screenplays in development and a deal with MTV.A visitor from another part of the country might take a look around and conclude that New Yorkers are copulating and cybersexing their way into the new millennium.