Singapore lesbian dating site

01-Sep-2020 02:57

I cut my hair short and began dating women as I felt more attracted to them. Lost and helpless, I turned to my sister for support but she offered no comfort either.

But one day, my parents caught me holding hands with a girl. In a moment of desperation and loneliness, I even contemplated suicide.

I accepted my parents’ disappointment regarding my sexuality but I’m praying they’ll come around eventually.

Kylie, 23 Following a friend’s advice, I decided to embrace who I was instead of trying to define myself under a certain label.

I felt dishonest but I figured that was the only way for them to accept that I was different—by giving them hope that I could marry a guy one day.

My hope is to come out again, and be completely honest about who I am.

When she responded two weeks later, she wasn’t supportive and even threatened to pull me out of university.

However, despite the possible backlash, these 8 brave Singaporean girls chose to share their coming out stories.Having grown up in a traditional Asian family, I never verbally confessed that I was a lesbian.However, I’m glad they’ve accepted me just the way I am without any questions asked.But as years passed, I realised I was indeed lesbian.

I told my best friend how I felt, which was a mistake, as it eventually made us fall out of our friendship.In fact, she stayed over at my place so often that they started treating her like family.

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