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In 2006, Dekker handled a repeating part on Heroes playing the character of Zach.

He played Zach for eleven scenes before leaving Heroes to play a featuring part in Fox's new show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as John Connor, featuring inverse Lena Headey and Summer Glau.

Thomas Dekkers flickr pics The John Connor Song Star Trek Grosse pointe Laid to rest TSCC season 1(02/28/2008)Nightmare On Elm Street reboot(2009, negociation)about some interviews :02/11/2009 : Transcript of Live Chat with Thomas Dekker & Josh Friedman10/01/2008 : Thomas Dekker was on TV Talk on Tuesday in the second hour !!!

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His first album called Psyanotic was completely written, composed, produced, mixed and mastered by himself.It is calculated as his net worth around 500 thousand American dollars with the start of the year 2016.