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30-Jan-2021 06:52

This is fine, however it also auto-checks a box that says 'Install Quicktime i Tunes' that I have to uncheck.

I know this is only a minor annoyance but it's happened so often that it really bugs me.

Is there a way to say "I don't ever want i Tunes" and therefore save me tens of man seconds a year? That is why I never install Apple software update on windows anymore, as to a solution, Open up Task scheduler in All programs, accessories system tools, then delete the Apple Software Update task an that should do it.

Updating your Apple device to the latest i OS version is benefical for several reasons.

This trick will also remove the nagging badge on the Settings app.

For the most part, keeping OTA updates enabled on i OS devices is a great idea for the average.

The thing is, not everyone always wants to install Apple’s updates.

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Just click on the blue OK button and move on to the next step. Now that you’ve effectively closed off OTA updating on your i OS device AND deleted the OTA firmware that was already downloaded (if it was), you should be in the clear and i OS should say your firmware is update to date even if it’s not: Since my i Pad now thinks that i OS 9.3.3 is “up to date,” I will no longer get prompts to download and install i OS 9.3.4 or later unless I connect to my computer and open i Tunes, which really isn’t very often. Now that you know how to disable OTA updating on your i OS device(s), you can keep your firmware right where you like it without being badgered to update it all the time.

If it is, move on to the next step.9) Next, you want to plug your i OS device into your Mac or PC and open i Tunes.10) Go to your device’s page in i Tunes and back up your i OS device to your computer.11) Once finished, download and install i Backup Bot on your computer, then launch it while your i OS device is still connected.12) From the sidebar, go to 15) Next, click on the Save button and then click on the Close button.16) Now, click on the Restore button in the toolbar.17) You will now need to select the device you have connected, and then click on the blue OK button:18) Next, make sure both of the first options are checked and that the third is un-checked.