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22-Aug-2020 13:40

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They supposedly remain friendly, which is no surprise. A while ago, he posted that he was going to marry "the love of his life". Makes me wonder what his two daughters thought when he said that. As mentioned above she was a publicist, she had to have known exactly what she was getting into and not had problems with it. Specifically, the first wife was a publicist for the Cowboys (if I'm not mistaken). Isn't Troy Aikman the one about whom Lorrie Morgan said that he only ever wanted to kiss her when they were in public? It was said she was a secretary but apparently she was so much more than that. Hell, we don't even know her name or what she does for a living. I do remember reading something similar another Steve was the downstairs restroom of an upscale San Francisco eatery. Hell he could stay closeted and just remain a "bachelor." Maybe he is bi. For men of his age/generation and professional background, coming out still isn't a viable option, either professionally or at a level of personal comfort. Louis and I could care less about what Troy Aikman does since I am not into jocks and hate football.A city paper was going to publish the story, but the 49ers and the NFL threw some money at the problem and it went away. Won't make sense to many but it does to us Eldergays. However, according to the rumors, neighbors of Joe Buck reported that when Joe was single, Troy used to come over to his home in West St Louis County and stay for up to a couple of weeks at a time.The football world is so macho and homophobic, it would not surprise me at all if a famous football star, eager not to lose powerful contacts and access, would get married so as not to arouse suspicion.

I have no idea what his sexual orientation is beyond how he publicly identifies, but it's his innate right to live in the manner consistent with his personal beliefs, values, and self-awareness. Live and let liv Y'all seem inordinately interested and upset/bitter about someone else's love life. He read the serious newspaper rather than the Murdoch tabloids with their topless lovelies, and he attended art galleries and like to discuss intellectual things. Don't forgot a goortion of this board are closet cases, closet cases tend to get uncomfortable with the idea of people being outed.[quote]This place isn't a gossip site, idiot. And I should add you don't have to be a celebrity to be a closet case. The ONLY facts are these: a journalist reported that there were RUMOURS in the dressing room that Aikman being gay (did anyone see him take a dick? And that's even leaving aside the entitlement that makes you question his self-identity as "heterosexual " which in other scenarios would be denounced as "problematic" to much screeching.

The real story is Aikman never getting over Bayless referencing it in the book.

Total misplaced rage that is far more indicative than anything in the book. I suppose, "I choose not to be a homosexual," which preceded the dating comment was also poorly worded.

(I think he is gay btw)Men of a certain age will never come out because that would mean admitting they've been cowards all their lives.

They have always felt contempt for out gays, the contempt that comes from feeling inferior.Jesus, who cares about Aikman and his second marriage and rumors about being gay when there's a real man like Ian Roberts in the world.