Turbo lister not updating

24-Oct-2019 11:08

There is full i Photo and Aperature integration so you can access your images directly from Garage Sale without having to go through the tedious drop and paste routine!There is also a built-in image editor which you can use to crop, resize and optimise your product pictures for web use, all within the app itself.Now I do have to point out that I don’t know if I would use all these features within Garage Sale itself as I am more of a fan of using the best solution for each job – i.e.a specific autoresponder mail service like AWeber for my e Bay emails, GIMP/Photoshop for my image editing, and then a specific listing tool just for my listing creation.It allows you to market and cross-promote your other items – it displays 14 items at a time (favouring listings ending soon) and is completely customisable so you can set what products to promote on different listings.

And last but not least there is a full suite of auction tracking options so you can monitor your listings from within Garage Sale as well as get up to date info on the number of bids, the current highest bidder, number of watchers, current listing fees and a lot more.Of course it is useful to have all these features in one place and it may suit you just fine but you will be losing some functionality as a result so really it’s up to you whether the added convenience is worth it…And one important thing I haven’t covered yet is the price – currently Garage Sale 6 costs £25 for a single user license (can be used by a single person on two Macs) and £42 for a family license (which can be used on up to 5 computers in your house/company).Now of course, if you’ve followed my advice you’ll already have your own hosting account which you’ll use for all your e Bay product pictures but if not, this is a much better alternative to using one of the free services like photobucket or imgur.

with Garage Sale picture hosting is only free for auction style listings and NOT for Good ‘Til Cancelled listings…I won’t go through all the features as they’re fairly similar to the above two options – you get listing profiles with pre-filled information, listing scheduling is included, there is an image management service which includes unlimited hosting as well as editing and resizing, inventory control etc.