Up dating automotive air conditioning

10-Sep-2020 23:41

I stated to the service adviser that I was having trouble with the fan not wanting to blow any hot air. I was informed by the service advisor that I would have to replace the motor.

Because it is not safe to travel in the dead of winter without heat I had to have the motor replaced January 13, 2016.

On that visit the service advisor stated that it had been fixed.

On January 11, 2016 I took my vehicle in for a scheduled lube oil & filter change.

And as of today, June 27, 2016, my air conditioner continues to drain in my car leaving me exposed to moldy conditions in my car, due to the combination of extremely hot conditions combined with a wet floor. My 2010 Buick Enclave have what is being described by mechanics as a design defect in the high pressure hose valve for the air-conditioner.

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The air conditioner works sometimes, but it usually takes awhile to get cold or doesn't work at all (usually on warmer days). Took car to integrity automotive group they said a/c condenser leaking found leak from rear aux. Cleaned case as needed,evac & recharged system & added die and 134-a as needed cost 7 9996 standard 67 cpc. The contact also noticed mold growing on the carpet inside the vehicle.I stopped at holzhauer motors in cherokee, iowa (authorized dealer) where I had the power steering pump & rack and pinion replaced and stated that my air conditioner was draining in my car.