Updating kernel patch for a1200

11-Feb-2021 07:22

You can also download and compile an updated version of kernel from the official website of Linux kernel at https:// am going to show you how in this section.First go to https:// you should see the following page as shown in the screenshot below.Now click on the marked section as shown in the screenshot below.

I am running a Android device with a kernel version of 3.4.5 on a soc made by mediatek (MT6582).

If you are upgrading between releases using the stable series patches (for example, patch-3.x.y), note that these "dot-releases" are not incremental and must be applied to the 3.x base tree.

For example, if your base kernel is 3.0 and you want to apply the 3.0.3 patch, you do not and indeed must not first apply the 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 patches.

And in the github page the guy mentioned a thing about upgrading the kernel version without having to necessarily make a new one.

It didnt have any steps and I didn't really understand much if someone can help on how to upgrade the Linux kernel it would very very helpful.The Linux kernel archive file should start downloading.