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08-Aug-2020 20:44

updating nvram-35

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For example here are hexdumps (using Using that information I was able to write a simple utility to update the thermal reboot limit BIOS setting, and run it remotely on thousands of systems.Again I must stress that while you can use this utility as a template for your own, it's not generic and you will have to determine the CRC offset etc. [Update Apr 2011: I noticed an AMI BIOS that had another checksum in addition to the above, that was outside the NVRAM area.However this method also precludes the very useful functionality of being able to update the BIOS remotely, and is much more awkward than using the host operating system itself to do the update.

For example one could enable the BIOS to start the watchdog on boot on a number of remote machines.

One could also use a little space for your own stateful settings on systems that don't have any, like netboot systems for example.

This assumes of course, the BIOS leaves some space unused.

It's a very common requirement to be able to update the BIOS logic to fix bugs or add new functionality, and I've needed to do this on all the systems I've worked on.

Traditionally manufacturers have provided a DOS tool to update their flash ROM chips, and unfortunately this is still quite common.However I have another system, where the CRC is 2 bytes further into the NVRAM.

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