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08-Jul-2020 11:11

That, my friends, is why a router like the Turris Omnia is such an important upgrade to the home network. It is, however, a promising piece of technology that should go a long way to show the home networking space is in much need of improvement.

And because the Omnia is open source, vulnerabilities will be found and patched much more quickly than if it were proprietary. Would you be willing to pay the high price for such a unique router?

The project has already reached its goals (by 367% as of this writing) and is ready to start shipping devices in April, 2016. The average consumer still assumes "password" is too much of a password to have to remember or type.

Of course, this particular product won't come cheap. Especially for a consumer application, a router with such a price tag seems a bit much. Consider this: The need for security is at an all time high. Those same users also assume that low-end router their ISP handed them two years ago is up to the task of keeping their network and data safe. I'm not necessarily saying everyone should immediately drop the coin for the Turris Omnia.

An 8meg firmware image can not contain the full set of ROOter features so two separate images are included.

With one image you have all the features except for Samba (USB storage support) and with the other you get all the features except for Open VPN support.

There's a crowd funded piece of technology that aims to change all of that.

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Hier kann die neue Version der Firmware heruntergeladen werden.

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But while they sit by idly waiting for packets to route, they do nothing.

And as for updating...that's generally on the user to handle.

These firmware images do not support IPv6 in order to fit as many other features into the limited space on the router.