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02-Jul-2020 21:21

Replacing all of the bathroom plumbing was definitely on our agenda, but with no apparent urgent issues, we A few months after moving in, however, we noticed that water had been dripping in the pantry cupboard in the kitchen where we stored cleaning supplies.

It was the same location where I had noted the ruined ceiling.

A few weeks ago when I was reaching for some cleaning products, I noticed that the pantry cupboard was wetter than ever.

And, well, not to gross you out, but I realized that it was coming from the bathroom. My husband and I set about emptying the pantry cupboard and pulled down the plaster from the ceiling inside.

Often they were built from top-quality materials that would cost a fortune today.

They might come with attractive details such as beautiful wood molding, hardwood floors and leaded glass windows.

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A newer tub had been sloppily connected to old pipes.Yes, 00 a lot of money, but considering what we will gain, I was very happy with the price.