Updating sql views from foxpro cursoradapter

09-Nov-2019 17:39

The first requirement, and it is of absolute importance, is a familiarity with the back-end engine and data.

You’re dreaming if you think you can successfully create a Client/Server system without adequate knowledge of the back end.

The following code may help you understand how this can be done.

UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT and stored procedures could also be used in this way.

Meaning that it is unlikely that you’ll ever find a Client/Server situation where VFP would be a poor front-end choice.

This session focuses on Remote Views, but we will incorporate some SQL Pass-Through code.

LOCAL connection String connection String = "Driver=; Server=my Server; Database=my DB; Uid=my User Name; Pwd=my Password;" LOCAL sql sql = "SELECT * FROM my Table" LOCALconn Handle conn Handle = SQLSTRINGCONNECT(connection String) = SQLSETPROP(conn Handle, 'asynchronous', .f.) = SQLEXEC(conn Handle, sql, 'my Table') = SQLDISCONNECT(conn Handle) SELECT my Table BROWSE In addition to Dave's good advice, you need to know how the existing application accesses the SQL data.

VFP provides three ways to talk to a SQL back-end: SQL pass-through (SPT), remote views and cursoradapters.

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Remote Views are the VFP component most commonly used for Client/Server applications. How can you get more power than is apparent through the View Designer?We will cover primary key generation, field and record validation and update conflicts. VFP offers us two mechanisms for accessing C/S data – Remote Views and SQL Pass-Through.

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