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16-Jun-2020 22:08

Roll on Deo: This is a summer bath essential list and many of you face a problem of sweating in summer!You come out taking a bath and you see yourself sweating, that’s just not done!Also include a clarifying shampoo in your summer routine as heat and dirt takes a troll on the hair making them dull, dry and damaged!Use a clarifying shampoo once a fortnight to get rid of scalp buildup and a regular shampoo thrice a week!You need a way to deal with the sweat and this is where roll on deo comes handy.

Shampoo: I’m sure you all keep a bottle of a shampoo in your bathroom but if you don’t then I suggest you to keep one, schedule a time of washing your hair thrice a week in the morning and use it to wash your hair while taking bath!

Summer Bath Essentials: Body Wash/Shower Gel: You need a body wash to start your bath routine with but if you prefer soaps, that’s completely okay!

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