Validating date javascript

16-Aug-2020 08:05

Sometimes we receive inconsistent data especially if the sources are log files.

We read the fields of log files as string data type and then we apply data validations on each field.

Once the user dismisses the alert dialog, it may be helpful if the script positions the keyboard focus on the field where the error occurred, although some users may expect the focus to remain on the last control focused prior to the alert appearing.

Authors should exercise care to ensure that any movement of the focus will be expected.

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Here is the sample input data: Pass the date string to the above function.

if((Start Value == null)

Lets assume that we are receiving the dates in the format of yyyy MMdd HHmmss.

The form compares the specified date against the date range and reports whether the specified year, month, and day are valid. Button1::click - (Java Script, client) Status.clear Items(); //Clear the status listbox. var s Date = Value; var o Date = util.scand("yyyy-mm-dd", s Date); if(o Date == null) // Store date values.