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A sprawling epic, it provides a bonanza of characters, events and battles, which means filmmakers can always come back to the tried and tested Three Kingdoms source material, each time focusing on a different set of characters or a different chunk of the storyline.Daniel Lee’s follows Zhao Zilong, one of the “Five Tiger Generals” of the Shu Kingdom.

When Bob is killed during a drug deal gone wrong, Wu finds himself caught between his superior officer (Nicholas Tse) who wants him to go deeper, Bob’s ruthless collaborator and old flame (Carrie Ng) who is suspicious towards him, and Ha (Andy On), a former special agent gone bad, who operates a meth trade from a cargo ship on the high seas, and wants the beleaguered undercover to deliver Bob’s chemist (Susan Shaw) to him.

He is attracted to the intelligence of Li Weiyoung and wants to use her in his ultimate challenge. Hence, he hates his older brother Ta Bajun even more.