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15-Dec-2020 03:41

Screen Updating End Sub Fourth, good code writing in my opinion involves good citizenship and an awareness of perception. You never know when the next version from Microsoft will make you wish you had the good sense to keep things in order from the start. Fair or not, just as people are judged by how they write and speak, programmers are judged by the quality of their code, and seen to look lazy and VBA-ignorant when not re-setting the application.If you change the setting of something, then when you are through, set it back to the way it was before. There are too many bad possible outcomes that you would not know about until they happen.

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' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------' User Defined Error codes Const ERR_NO_WINDOW_HANDLE As Long = 1000 Const ERR_WINDOW_LOCK_FAIL As Long = 1001 Const ERR_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED As Long = 1002 ' API declarations for Find Window() & Lock Window Update() ' Use Find Window API to locate the Power Point handle.

Supporters of this claim mistakenly believe that VBA “resets itself” at the end of a macro or procedure, and/or not resetting Screen Updating to True has no bad effects.

Occasionally a parroted claim will pop up in the Excel cybersphere that resetting Screen Updating from False back to True in a VBA procedure is pointless and unnecessary.

Hi friends, I have a huge code for worksheet change events. End(xl Down)) This does the autofill, but doesn't stop at the last cell with data in Column B. I need code that uses whatever the selected cell is. However, the file contains 8 sheets that are all identically laid out, except the number of rows is different.

The problem is that the screen keeps flickering every time I select from a data validation list or enter something into the cells. Screen Updating = False in the beginning of the code and True at the bottom of the code. Is there any other way to stop these irritating flickers? If you change Excel to Full Screen View and your taskbar is always on top (as it normally is), the bottom of the spreadsheet is hidden behind the taskbar. I am trying to autofill from the selected cell in Column C down. In the past I have use this code to acheive similar results: Dim end Row As Long end Row = Cells(Rows. What I want to do is go to the worksheet that has the largest number of rows (it's always the same worksheet, so I know which one it is), set the zoom factor for THAT worksheet (which I can do, and it always has the same number of rows), and then take THAT zoom factor, whatever it is - and it will vary depending on the user - and apply that to the other worksheets that have a similar layout.

Do not believe these claims — they are misinformed and dead wrong.

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