Video chat backdoor

03-Mar-2020 20:56

In the Whats App case, chat data is end-to-end encrypted, and there is nothing the company can do to assist the FBI in reading already encrypted messages.This case would be about forcing Whats App to make an engineering change in the security of its software to create a new vulnerability -- one that they would be forced to push onto the user's device to allow the FBI to eavesdrop on future communications.As a string of whistle blowers like former AT&T employee Mark Klein have made clear abundantly clear, the line purportedly separating intelligence operations from the nation's incumbent phone companies was all-but obliterated long ago.As such, it's relatively amusing to see Verizon announce this week that the company is offering up a new encrypted wireless voice service named Voice Cypher.Too bad because compliance will hurt only the innocent and also destroy trust in American providers of secure communications. Isn't terrorism more rare per capita than lightning strikes?

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Hardened criminals and terrorists will think ahead find strong third party cryptography.

This case is fundamentally different from the Apple i Phone case.