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05-Nov-2019 13:31

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As of the third quarter of that year, it was up to 1.08 billion.

In a league table of the world’s most popular messaging apps, this puts it behind only Whats App and Facebook Messenger. Growth over 2018 seems to have slowed, though not to a great degree. Thought its userbase extends beyond the domestic market, as it stands, We Chat’s market penetration is close to complete in China, as detailed below (counting international users, the We Chat monthly active user count is only 300 million fewer than the entire population of China, it should be noted).

In markets where Facebook and Twitter are active – thus excluding the home market – users are able to sync up contacts from the aforementioned apps with We Chat, to encourage uptake.

This push is not considered to be a success – India, where Whats App remains the most-popular messaging app, is one high profile example – despite a concerted push into the still nascent market in 2012, alongside several SE Asian markets.

Some estimates peg international We Chat user numbers at between 100 and 200 million.

In January 2019, Hootsuite and We Are Social put the current number of mobile social media users in China at 1.007 billion, with mobile subscriptions at over 1.5 billion, outstripping the country’s total population (97% of the population have mobile phones, and 83% smart phones).

Indeed, despite being one of the world’s biggest apps, many in the West could be forgiven for asking, “What is We Chat?

” The app has faced controversy over censorship issues – both within China and outside, with political content and ‘vulgar’ content blocked.

Tencent’s ambitions lay beyond just China – hence the rebrand to the more internationally-friendly name ‘We Chat’.

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In 2012, several new languages were added – mostly focused on SE Asia, though the inclusion of Portuguese suggested wider ambitions than China’s neighbours to the south.

International user numbers were pegged at 100 million in 2013.

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