When do summer and seth start dating

23-Feb-2020 03:53

Upon realizing what Seth is doing Alex tells him that she's been with a lot of bad boys, and that he's just not one of them.

She then proceeds to tell him that she likes him because he's a good guy.

This doesn't last long as Alex then helps Seth and Sandy throw a surprise anniversary party for Kirsten, and they then approve of her.

The good doesn't last long though; when Alex's ex-girlfriend, Jody, shows up in town it causes a strain between Seth and her and they decide to break up, and she apologizes for the incident.

She advises him to fight for Summer, otherwise she'll never fall for him.

*🔥 Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins is starting to have something to each other. And I'm the part of the 4Horse Women of WWE, and my friends are Sasha Banks, Bayley and my sometimes frenemies Charlotte.In the episode The Rainy Day Women, Marissa moves in with Alex.