Who is dating jensen ackles

05-Feb-2021 02:48

But I agree, wishing death to someone for calling out homophobia is nuts. Dear original poster: Perhaps you should do your due diligence before claiming these so called contributions Jensen/Stone Park has made to Romney, Prop 8 etc...

It's not too difficult to look online at certain political contribution websites and see that your ARGUMENT IS FUCKING INVALID,.

I've seen a lot of crazy, and I try to stay away with it in general since I enjoy the show. He is not at all a fan of Jesus Christ..fact, he despises JC, and everything He stands for. Lastly, OP is either an obsessed SPN frau or SPN PR trying their very best to throw the scent off the gay and if that means making him a GOP bible thumping homophobe, so be it.

I'm not saying I know Jensen isn't homophobic, he very well may be, but I haven't seen that in his actions. At worst, Jensen's a closeted new age or atheist (my guess he's into that new age spiritual bullshit like 90% of HW) Mr. Whether you believe or not, how can you hate Jesus?

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In fact, his wife will re-Tweet stuff showing mild LGBT support just to muddy the waters and throw people, most likely Hollywood producers, off their GOP scent. Judging by the SPN convention video/pics, 95% of the participants are women, mostly fat frauen.Hollywood.[quote] He is not at all a fan of Jesus Christ..fact, he despises JC, and everything He stands for. The president of the CW said recently that they have no intentions of ending the show anytime soon.

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