Who is omar sharif dating

15-Apr-2020 14:13

When he was four years old, he moved with his family to Cairo, where he attended English schools.

With early aspirations of being an actor, Shalhoub participated in theatre productions in secondary school.

Starring opposite Julie Christie, Sharif portrayed a poet-doctor in the middle of a love triangle.

He later was cast as a German military man in Sharif continued to appear both on-screen and on television into the 21st century, though he appeared in few notable roles after the mid-1970s.

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In one of Egyptian cinema's most iconic romantic comedies, Sharif stars opposite iconic Egyptian actress Soad Hosny.

He plays a young engineer who finds himself in a forbidden relationship with Hamama's character Amal, due to a rivalry between their two families.

In another Egyptian cinema classic, Sharif stars opposite Hamama and iconic Egyptian singer Abdel Halim Hafez.

In the historical epic based on British military officer T. Lawrence's life, he plays an Arab tribal leader who guides Lawrence during his World War I experiences in the Middle East.

In another prominent historical epic from iconic British director David Lean, Sharif starred opposite Julie Christie in one of his most acclaimed performances.In honor of the anniversary of his birth, April 10, we look back on the unforgettable roles that cemented his iconic status in the history of both Egyptian and international cinema.

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